General Meetings (*** The Public is Welcome ***)

April General Meeting  “Women in History”
Monday April 17th 7:00 pm at the
Arroyo Grande Women’s Center, Arroyo Grande, CA.

Standing Meetings (September through May)

1st Mondays – Board Meeting
7:00 PM at Arroyo Grande Hospital
1st Thursdays – Lunch Bunch
Contact: Susan Brazil
1st Fridays – Day Book Group
Contact: Jean Slater
2nd Tuesdays – Evening Book Group
Contact: Sandra Ku
3rd Mondays – Branch Meeting
7:00 PM at Arroyo Grande Women’s Club
3rd Thursdays – Bridge – Finessing Femmes
Contact: Marilyn Corey
4th Mondays – Great Decisions
Contact: Mary Jo Aspinall
Last Saturday – Cooking Together
Contact: Lisa Walker